IT Support Center

Our offshore call center offers onshore management with offshore pricing to offer experience and value to our customers.

We utilize a state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer cost effective call center services with a specific focus on quality and and end-user satisfaction.

Why us?

We built the call center initially to support our first large customer, Sypore (, which serves the healthcare industry providers across the United States. As a software company, we naturally expanded to providing support for IT-related matters as well. From this experience, our Level-1 (L1) IT support desk came about.

Today, we continue to work with our customers in the US by offering our cost-effective offshore call center services packaged in a flexible model. This combination has lowered their call center costs while increasing customer retention and satisfaction for them as well as for us.

How We Deliver Results For You

Offshore call center outsourcing makes a lot of sense for companies looking to reduce headcount & associated overhead cost while utilizing the efforts of their valuable employees to grow the business. Our team members all have at least a Bachelor’s college degree and often more. These are some very talented college graduates that specialize in Information Technology (IT) or related fields. They also speak excellent English with a minimal accent. They are trained using our intensive detail-oriented training program and each team member assigned to a particular customer (yes – we do that!) is made well aware of the particular needs of that customer organization.


One of our key differentiators is our flexibility to work with our customers. For example, we would use your help desk ticketing system if you prefer or our own. Whatever makes the most sense for your business case. Another example is in the “depth” of visibility of the relationship: we can provide a dedicated toll-free number for your end-users to call us or we can become an extension on your existing internal number.

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